The Casino tradition

For a century now, the constant aim of the Casino group has been to meet consumers’ needs, while guaranteeing optimal transparency and quality.
The group has been the source of numerous innovations throughout its company history. In the early 20th century, Casino built its own factories to ensure that its products were manufactured properly. It was Casino which began the practice of displaying sell-by dates, in order that its clients may purchase Casino food products with total peace of mind. More recently, Casino began featuring environmental information on its branded products, a pioneering and innovative approach.
Finally, its double "Satisfied or your money back... Twice" guarantee for Casino products has marked a major turning point in a store’s relationship with its consumers.

Today, the Casino group has one of the finest quality departments in the entire mass retail sector.

The search for halal certification also forms part of this quality approach, as it is based on a set of extremely strict criteria.
Casino considers it very important to offer products which meet these requirements, in order to provide consumers with the products they demand while at the same time being able to offer a range of prices meeting their needs in the majority of cases.

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