Traceability has always been a vital factor for the Casino group, in support of quality and in keeping with economic constraints.
Where halal products are concerned, Casino applies three assessment criteria:
  • Hygiene
  • Product quality
  • The name of the inspection body

A label on the product always states the name of the inspection body which granted the halal certification, along with the compulsory health stamp.

A number of interrelated questions make it possible to "fine tune" the verifications carried out, and to guarantee the best possible service:
  • How is slaughtering carried out?
  • Is an authorised sacrificer present or not? What is the sacrificer’s name? What is the number of his card issued by the veterinary authorities?
  • For slaughterhouses, how is the carcass traced? Is this a visual inspection? How frequently are inspections or verifications carried out?
  • Is the animal knocked out or subjected to narcosis beforehand?
  • For meat processing plants, where does the raw material come from? Who certified this raw material? Who inspects production at this processing plant? How often are inspections and verifications carried out? How many people are involved in these inspections?

This system makes it possible to guarantee reliable, thorough and regular verification of halal certification, which is itself guaranteed by an independent body.

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