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In its capacity as a professional retailer, the Casino group pays particular attention to consumers’ requirements. As a result, Casino is developing a range of halal goods to meet the growing demand for halal products, particularly concerning meat or products derived from halal meat. However, in order to be covered by this certification, a product must meet very stringent preparation criteria. Keen to meet the needs of halal product consumers, Casino is committed to strict observance of the rules specific to this tradition.
Halal products are "lawful" products within Muslim culture. Where meat is concerned, the halal description refers to a ritual slaughtering method which involves bleeding the animal before it is dead. Certification organisations currently exist in France, but no single definition of halal certification has yet been adopted. Consequently, a certain amount of vagueness remains concerning the exact process determining and defining the certification of products sold as halal.

In order to guarantee the quality of its products, Casino has clearly defined the halal process with the buyers working for the central purchasing departments. This involves guaranteeing the presence of a halal inspection body for the products marketed by Casino, based on the following approach: the producer manufactures the products, the certification body certifies them and Casino markets them.

Once the inspection body has been identified, Casino checks that the certification definitely exists and that the said body is official and above all registered with one of the administrative authorities (the Commercial Court or Préfecture)
In this way, Casino is able to guarantee that all of its halal meat has been verified by an independent body in all stores throughout France.

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