Halal studies

The lack of a genuine halal label is a source of concern to consumers, who are unable to find a reliable benchmark enabling them to purchase their food products with total peace of mind.
However, an international study has shown that halal accounts for 12% of the global trade in food products and that in Europe this market is estimated at some 25 million consumers of halal labelled products.

The Casino group is committed to meeting this growing demand in France and throughout the world, thanks to its extensive experience, its rigour and its incontestable quality.

Additionally, thanks to its international presence (on four continents), for a long while now Casino has been noted for the vast diversity of its products, true to its commitment as a retailer: “Meeting the needs of ALL consumers”. Today, this project aimed at adapting its product range specifically to the halal market should be viewed as a social project which will ensure that its stores accurately reflect society, a society in which everyone can enjoy shopping for the products they prefer.

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